Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are we part of a denomination?
No, we believe in the congregational governance of the local church. We do hold membership in The Fellowship, an association of over 1,000 independent churches, as well as the National Association of Evangelicals.

2. Are we a seeker sensitive church?  
We want to be kind and friendly to everyone, but we cannot water down the truth to make people feel comfortable. The cross demands we face up to the reality of our sinfulness. We cannot know the depth of God’s love for us until we understand the depth of our need.

3. Are we a charismatic church? 
We are charismatic in the sense that we encourage every believer to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to be empowered for God’s service in this world.  We believe in the continuing supernatural work of the Holy Spirit.  However, we reject non-biblical, manipulative, and unbalanced teachings, such as the “health, wealth, and prosperity gospel.”

4. What is our worship like?   
Our worship is a blend of older hymns and newer worship songs that people can actually sing.  People are free to clap their hands or to raise them in worship.

5. What should I wear?  
We do not have a dress code.  Some wear jeans, others wear suits, as long as it is modest, no one here cares.

6. Do we have other meetings besides Sunday morning?
Yes, we have a weekly Bible study-prayer meeting on Wednesday’s at 7:30 pm.